What to do after buying Oculus Quest 2: Step-by-step guide. This guide helps your to make first settings for your new VR helmet.

Registration on the Meta

Since August 23, 2022, you can use Meta* accounts that are not associated with Facebook on Quest 2. An article in the Oculus blog, and a link to registration for beginners. Just register an account there, remember its data and then use it in the Oculus application, which I will tell you about later.

Putting the Oculus app on your smartphone

Download it here, or search for it yourself in the PlayMarket for the “Oculus”. After you install it, log in to it either with the FB account or Oculus (if it already was), it will offer to link them in theory, in any case, in the end you will end up there through the Fb account and then you will already enter through it.

*Since August 23, 2022, you can now log in there through Fb, and through Insta, and just by soap, through the Meta account

After that, the first thing you need to do is set up privacy.

We search in the lower menu for “Settings”, then “Privacy Settings” and there we select who will see your name with FB, the option “Only me”:

Setting up privacy

Now no one knows your real name. Now the phone can be postponed for a while.

The first turn on

In general, everything is clear and logical there. We launch the helmet with a flat button on the right, she is alone there. A long press turns on or off the helmet, a short press turns off the screen. After the helmet turns on and you put it on, you will be asked to adjust your between-eyes distance. To do this, move the lenses, both at the same time in different positions, by default they are in the “2” position.

If the picture in the helmet is still unclear, check that you are wearing a helmet comfortably and you are looking exactly at the center of the lenses. The mud around the edges is quite acceptable, but you should see the general part clearly.

Next, the helmet will prompt you to launch the app on your phone and pair with it itself. Don’t forget to turn on Bluetooth on your phone for this. If something goes wrong, the helmet on the screen will show you a PIN code that you will need to enter on the smart card to pair. But, in my case, he saw everything himself.

Also watch  starter video from Oculus:

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